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WTFilmClub Screening

  • Sun, 24 Mar
  • 7PM
  • Pay As You Feel

What The Film Club was started to bring people together to enjoy the best, worst and weirdest hidden cult classics, B movies and trash cinema. With films ranging from “so bad they are good” to rarely seen underated cult films, our mission is to make sure they are always entertaining.

And behind every weird film is an interesting story – each film has a short, lighthearted introduction explaining more about how the film came about. Sometimes they must be seen to be believed.

This is all done for fun – tickets are pay-what-you-can and usually just cover costs. And profits are usually spent for the next screening.


New Screening!! DANGEROUS MEN – “Makes my eyes bleed, in a good way” – LA WEEKLY 🩸 👀

It took director John Rad 26 years to complete his masterpeice but DANGEROUS MEN was only released in four cinemas in 2005, until it was re-discovered and released in to the delight of trash cinema lovers all over the world.

Dangerous Men is a cinematic oddity that defies categorization and description. Set against the backdrop of revenge and justice, the story follows a series of interconnected characters including brutal bikers, vengeful fiancés and clueless police officers. Don’t expect much in the way of logic but instead you can expect a whirlwind of action-packed sequences, absurd dialogue, and inexplicable plot twists until the very end. With its unique blend of unintentional comedy and baffling storytelling, Dangerous Men deserves more recognition for being a gem of so-bad-its-good cinema.

So join us at Archive Leeds, for a great atmosphere, drinks, cocktails and delicious hot food. Plus a short introduction from the What The Film Club team + a free weird prize raffle. We’ll see you there!

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WTFilmClub Screening