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The Play Tent: Baby Art & Music

  • Tue, 9 Jul
  • 10AM
  • £10/£7

Baby Art and Music PLAY will provide exploratory, child-led PLAY opportunities for you and your child to discover a world of creativity.

Come and explore a range of different materials and texture in an engaging and magical environment. Children will be provoked to use all of their senses, aquire new vocabulary and create beautiful art.

The session will end with 30mins of delightful singing and music making for you and your babes to join in with!

As early years play specialists these sessions are designed to suit the needs of the tiniest babes, curious 5 year olds and all in between. We LOVE play and art curating beautiful spaces for you and your little ones to get into your creative flow!

We are returning to one of our favourite spots – Archive, for the sessions to ensure you can relax with a coffee and delicious brunch while enjoying some engaging art and music.

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The Play Tent: Baby Art & Music